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tomorrow night is the premiere of abc comedy friday. reba stars in the new "malibu country" right after tim allen in the season premiere of "last man standing." it all starts tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. . >> cool and cloudy conditions as sandy pulls out of here.
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>> it's overcheming to see this turn out. overwhelming i've never seen it. >> folks excited for election day. hear why they couldn't wait to make a decision. >> there's no magic bullet. >> no magic bull lelt but there is a method to the madness. . >> right now we want to start with a look out the back window. why so dreary today? . >> will it clear up for tomorrow. we'll check in with with wyatt everhart. >> those cloudy conditions courtesy of sandy. it's mostly a hit or miss patch of drizzle overnight but we're clearing out nicely. still some clouds sweeping into our state from that system and again just a patch or two of drizzle but we're seeing
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clearing to the south and west. with that we'll cool down tonight. in the 40s now in rock hall. in the overnight, getting chillier than that, i think we could be down to 37 by daybreak. don't forget to check out the a bc two news weather app. . >> thanks wyatt. you want to know how important this election is, we're going to take you to randall's town. >> long lines show how much you treasure your vote. rose si. . >> jim to give you an idea how busy it's been, the last person in line in randall's town didn't get to vote until 11:00. two days were lost due to the hurricane and two days were added and some people are not going to wait.
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>> it's after work, thursday, if you're outside at the fartherest part of the line teheran dals town community center for early voting, you won't get to the door for 45  mince and once you get in the door prepare to wait 2 more hours. >> we'll stand in the short line and you'll quote get to vote. >> even the short line takes a little more than an hour to get through. for seniors this a break from a line that is about 6 hundred people long. that didn't matter to this man. if the line were a thousand people long, when he was born wood row wilson was president. >> they must vote. it's a privilege and for somebody my age, being 94, i don't know when i'll be able to
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do this again for a president so i did it today and my wife was with me. >> husbands and wives and whole families dealt with the line. even complete strangers. these people became friends in the line. . >> yesterday was her birthday so we had had to sing to her you all sang happy birthday? >> she did. >> so three hours, you're almost at the home stretch so it's like we'll move up with you because these folks at the back are like y'all better move up. >> maryland's early voting program is dealing with its first presidential election and with voting centers closed for two days because of hurricane sandy, voters are trying to make up for lost time. at this polling place, the wait is more than an hour. it's okay for voters who take
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their obligation serious. >> i hadn't even focussed on time, whatever it takes, how many hours it took i was going to stay here the duration. >> so it was convenient for you? sglrnths yes, very much. >> now, you still have one more day for early voting. tomorrow the polls open at 58 in the morning and close at 9:00. if you're in line after 9:00, you will be able to vote. . >> thanks. you know as he said early voting is still relatively new here. do you think it's going to play a big roll in this election. join the conversation on our facebook page. >> listen if if you were planning to vote by absentee ballot and sandy interfered t governor is helping you out. he entered an order allowing people to apply late, including
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military workers, utility workers ask voters who had to be evacuated. a bc 2 news is helping you make the right choice, check out for details. >> well, sandy knocked out the power to more than 300 thousand people in our area. most people have the lights back on now. less than 5,000 folks are still without power tonight. they expect everyone to have power by tomorrow night. the storm system dumps millions of gallons of storm water on us now being trapped in the conowingo dam. some say maryland has to do more to fix the problem while others feel any in-state efforts are pointless if nothing is being done upstream. >> any rain fall, any flooding in new york and pennsylvania is part of the water that we're
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dealing with when that dam floods. >> we did nothing and just waited for them to quote, fix the dam, we would suffer. >> the maryland department of national resources is testing the bay waters now to see how much the storm water is being effected by the bay. >> and all of those sandbags the city handed out to you, they want them back. three drop off spots have been set up. the city is to keep people from dumping them. you can drop them off at the pier or poly/western high tomorrow night. and coming up, our coverage continues when we take a firsthand tour of the damage in atlantic city. >> we've been keeping an eye on two water main breaks. the first is on east cold spring lane near morgan. the school says it hasn't
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basketball impacted. >> a bigger one is causing more problems in yorktown road area. . >> district heights sergeant johnny riley turned himself in today to face charges he shot a handcuffed suspect in the back during the summer. he's accused of shooting calvin kyle. kyle survived the shooting. >> baltimore city police have been busy. tonight they say they made 370 arrests in one -- 270 arrests in one week as part of a warrant app prengs task force. some of the suspects were wanted on gun related chashlgs. >> and tonight a 16 year old is facing charges in connection with a murder of tuesday in the 1100 block of homewood avenue. he was arrested in the death of
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a 41 year old man who was shot in the head and taken to hopkins where he later died. >> police say this man committed a sex offense against a six year old at the dollar store on october 21st. he is described as having two gold teeth and one may have the letter j on it. anyone with information is asked to call the police department's sex crime unit. >> just about all of us have said it, i wish i could drop a few pounds. imagine if you had more than a hundred pounds to lose. >> a belle air man did just that. . >> i was traveling and i travel for my job quite a bit, and i had taken some clients to dinner and got back to the hotel room and just was feeling like the weight of the world,
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literally was on my shoulders maybe not world but at least 310 pounds. that's what adam carson was hauling around and that's not all. >> i spoke -- smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. >> this is him today, 120 pounds lighter. >> there's no magic bullet. >> he's a chef and since he knows his way around the kitchen, changing up how he prepares a meal wasn't difficult. >> my two sons and my wife enjoy the healthy food. . >> adding a little of this and a little of that over the stove was easier than what he to do outside. >> i walked slow and i was heavy and it was awkward and i was sweating and i thought i wasn't going to make it around that loop. i continued that the whole summer. >> the walks turned to jogs and the jogs graduated to runs.
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now he's up to 30 miles a week. >> you need to decide what is holding you back. we all have demons and vices that make us not want to do anything. determine what that is and say today i'm going to take one small step to overcome that. >> a healthy transformation that will have adam around longer for his wife and two boys and the new baby they're expecting. >> whether it be just walking outside and enjoying the air outside, that's the first step. >> he offers this tip, dwo not think of it ass as a diet. itis a life style change. one you can live with with. when you're cutting back, you can still have a slice of pizza, just don't eat the whole pi. >> as sandy moved closer, we got inside and braced for the worst. >> not everybody had that option. >> everything that was
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breakable that wasn't attached, broke. >> how this man and his family weatherered dwsh weathered the storm on a cruise ship. >> and sandy putting down huge rain across part of maryland, do we have any remaining river concerns. >> do you think your job is pretty good? we have the best positions in the country. those stories and more coming up in 60 seconds.
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. >> new video tonight of what it was like to be out at t sea during hurricane sandy. a passenger took this aboard the disney cruise ship fantasy. the captain ordered all passengers to stay in their rooms. >> the ship began to lift from left to right so dramatically and so quickly that all of the furniture in our room turned over. everything that was breakable
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that wasn't attached, broke. >> david evans documented it all with his cell phone. you see the pictures here. disney offered passengers a 25% off future cruises. >> this is sta ten island, collapsed homes and homeowners are desperate and say if the government doesn't step in, they're going to be lost. >> without funds, i'll probably have to walk away from my home. i'll probably have to walk away from my home. >> one of the most heart breaking stories out of the island. a mother asked her neighbor to take in her and her two sons, she was turned away. moments later, her boys were washed away from her body. their bodies were recovered today. >> the jersey shore was just as terrible. . >> we sent our charl lee krau
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son up to survey the damage and figure out hair they're beginning to move forward. >> it's 5:45 and sandy has come and gone leaving a path of destruction. one of the hardest hit areas is atlantic city. it's about 155 miles on the drive button straight line this is a hundred miles. this was a 9 hundred mile wide storm. to give you an idea how close we came in maryland, we set the trip meter at zero and we're going to drive to atlantic city to give you an idea how close we came. >> after three hours of driving, we finally made it to the city and from the outside, it didn't look like much damage had happened at all. then we made it downtown and saw a different story. >> we arrived shortly after
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9:30 and were told to come to the inlet. you come down and the first thing you see is these homes. maybe they're vacation homes, maybe people were living here, but you can see straight into their lives, garage doors ripped off. this is facing the atlantic ocean so you know the full force of sandy blew through these homes. >> and left a mess for many homeowners to clean john casey had to have help getting to atlantic city and when he got there he saw what sandy left behind. >> you see the dry wall, that's probably where water was coming in. >> like case see, these people steered clear of sandy. > . >> this is an apartment right. >> yes, sir. >> you rent this out? >> yes. >> what's going do happen? >> i don't know what we'll do
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now. >> everyone we spoke with said they didn't lose anything that couldn't be replaced, they were just glad to see sandy gone and look guard to seeing their city -- forward to seeing their city come alive again. >> and you can follow the latest news on superstorm sandy on our website and check out the pictures, >> what are the best jobs in america? cnn and money and pay came up with a list of the top one hundred jobs in the country based on pay satisfaction, stress level, benefits and flexibility. let's look at the top five, no. one, biomedical engineer, second place, market marketing consultant. software architect and data base administrator. no news reporter or journalist
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on there? . >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. hey, take a look thshgs is the kweshgs how will sandy ultimately rank along among u.s. power house storms as far as costly. right now it's a $55 5 (500) 000-0000 hit estimated but likely to go higher. katrina was 108 billion and if other are pailing in comparison to this -- pealing in comparison to this. we'll see what happens if sandy overtakes katrina. itis possible. some of the cost and damage in our area. this is a different camera angle. that is a brand new inlet similar to the inlet that was cut in ocean city back in the 1933 great chesapeake bay
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hurricane. this is route one in delaware, kind of an ominous looking sign and here's the work being done by armies of front end loaders trying to clear that out and. and then we got snow here. awesome skiing for early november. flood states 23 and a half on the conowingo. we never got there with this storm. tonight we got to 18 .07 so not quite the flood state. look at the overall set up, havre degrashgs right now there's not much rain in the forecast so it should be better. mostly cloudy today and tonight under a mostly cloudy sky.
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it's 48 degrees with a little wind. sun set 6:05 and that's going be key for the next few days. these will be the last late sun sets. don't forget to fall back as we go toward sunday because we have the end to day light saving time so we'll knock this back sunday. that's a little cheese si but i like it. winds from the west, 5 to 15 miles an hour. we're going to drop into the #30s by daybreak so bring that extra layer of fleece. be ready for that. the trend for the next few days does not change much. cold nights in the 30s and by day, struggling to get out of the low 50s. overall we see clouds streaming in to maryland and virginia all courtesy of the southside of
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this storm system. continuing to spin around those cold northwesterly winds. this has changed our weather pattern and now we have a trough keeping the chill around. 37 tonight under cloudy skies but 53 tomorrow is the two- degree guarantee. there could be some frost tomorrow night. here's the look, not much change, chance for showers coming back monday. the weekend looks dry but very, very fall like. >> all right. election day next tuesday and you're probably tired of the attack ads and spots about ballot questions. a politician is trying to capitalize on that. here's what his latest ad looks like. take a look.
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>> and it goes on like that for about b 30 seconds. there you go, genting waves lapping the shore and a voice at the end says that was nice. the text at the bottom says because you deserve a break from the campaign ads. there's more coming up after the break. >> first we'll have a look at what's up after the news at 11:00. >> we report from a storm ravaged staten island plus we investigate charges of racial profiling by the largest voter fraud group in the nation.
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now this is the way to fish. go out your front door and go to the street. look at this. you've heard of fly fishing, this is is street fishing. roads flooded in washington state and this going dog thought he hit the jackpot. >> catch of the day. >> talk about trick or treating, a 14 year old trick or treater out of portland maryland. this kid has a future in politics. matthew gilbert is more concerned about where that candy is being placed. he went as a ballot box. >> this area is a box and it's split inhalf and when you vote, we can open the bottom and count each one. >> you said he did factor in a 5% margin of era for the candy
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eaten along the way. obama did win from his poll. >> it's a quiet pattern here, chilly fall weather. 40s and mid to low 40s. daybreak tomorrow, chilly, dress warm. here's your hour by hour forecast as we go into tomorrow. back in the mid-50s but that's close to hit. as we look at the set up through the weekend, again, more of the same here really. a chabs off -- chance of rain on monday but cool fall weather my friends. >> very nice. >> [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. >> i'm lauren coke with your time saver travel report, construction on i 635 has shut down did ramp but the end is near t. project is expected to be finished in a little over two weeks. until then, use if detour in place. for the latest travel conditions 24/7 go to and i'll be tracking your commute tomorrow morning. >> all right, the ending of a very long week. i feel like we've been on storm coverage the last week. >> we have. >> oh, imagine that. things get back to normal. >> yeah, i'm so glad that
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we're fortunate. a hundred miles away, not so lucky. >> and the snow. >> right, we missed the snow. >> hope you enjoyed the cma's and hope you enjoyed us, we'll do it all again tomorrow. >> have a good night.
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